Prime Ground Bison Box (15 lbs)

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Central Nebraska Buffalo

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Go big with the Prime Ground Bison Box from Central Nebraska Buffalo, a multi-generational family farm raising prime bison meat. Each order include 15 one-pound packages of amazing 100% prime ground bison meat shipped directly from the farm via free two-day shipping. 

Ground Bison from Central Nebraska Buffalo has tremendous flavor and is a great lean protein option. You will love the beefy flavor of this product, and it's from a great multi-generation operation that knows how to grow the best buffalo into the best meat. We sampled multiple chefs on this product before adding it to our Find Family Farms market, and the chef reviews were 100% fantastic! Get some for your family today and make bison burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, chili or any number of amazing options that will blow your mind. 


Bison is a meat product perfect for todays health-conscious consumers. The rich, sweet flavor betrays the fact that this meat is so lean and virtually fat-free, with less calories and cholesterol than beef, chicken, pork and turkey.