Kentucky Bleu Cheese (3 - 7 oz pieces)


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in southern Kentucky makes a small handful of bleu cheeses. Kentucky Bleu is their most decadent with added cream and a loose pressing to allow all of that amazing sweet and salty roquefort blue do its thing. Each item includes three 7 oz. pieces. 

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Why do they wax it? Well….partly it is an homage to the Bluegrass, that iron-rich turf that makes Kentucky a famous place to raise the fastest horses money can buy. Others would speculate that it has something to do with a certain celebrated local tradition of basketball. One thing we do know is that the wax has an effect on the cheese as it ages to keep things really nice and creamy. You will know it when you taste it. If you are a lover of blue cheeses and generally gravitate to the funkiest thing in the room, this is your cheese!

  • Wine Pairing: Buttery Reds
  • Spirit Pairing: Barrel-proof bourbons
  • Beer pairing: Belgian tripels and sour ales
  • Food Pairing: Milk Chocolate and Strawberries