Monterey Jack Cheese (3 - 7 oz pieces)


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese makes their Monterey Jack as creamy and buttery as possible while maintaining the slight tanginess that associated with Jack cheeses. This artisan Monterey Jack is the perfect melting cheese. When still cool can be grated over Mexican dishes. It's also delightful mixed with other more full-bodied cheeses to make a delectable grilled cheese or substituted as a substitute for a mild cheddar cheese in your favorite recipes. Each item includes three 7 oz. packages of Monterey Jack Cheese shipped directly from Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in Kentucky. 

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  • Beer Pairing: American Pale like Sierra Nevada
  • Cheese Pairing (yes that’s right- Cheese and Cheese!): Grate and mix with Barren County Bleu
  • Wine Pairing: California Merlot

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