Barren County Bleu Cheese (3 - 7 oz pieces)


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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Barren County Bleu cheese by Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese comes in sets of three 7 oz pieces per order.

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Barren County Bleu is named for the county where they farm and make cheese. This blue cheese carries the essence of their farm very effectively. Its cheddar base makes for a resilient and optimal cave-aging cheese, and this blue cheese is aged for a minimum of five months.

The rind of Barren County Bleu is larded, an old world technique to keep the rind from cracking and keep a good moisture balance while the cheese ages. The result is an incredibly flavorful but accessible bleu cheese, with fruity cheddar notes as well as mushroom and forest floor. A slightly crystalline texture adds to the experience, finishing with a fudge-like depth.

  • Wine Pairing: Reds with a good amount of minerality
  • Beer Pairing: Dry-hopped IPA’s
  • Food Pairing: Dark Chocolate (Ice cream included), berries