Kentucky Moon Alpine Style Cheese (3 - 7 oz pieces)


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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Kentucky Moon is a standout alpine style farmstead cheese made by Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in southern Kentucky.

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The first thing people notice is the unique sweetness, balanced by some traditional alpine notes of milky hazelnut and a good amount of acidity. A classic choice for fondue. Kentucky Moon has more of a rugged texture, often carrying a desired crystalized crunch. The holes or “eyes” are a result of a controlled amount of CO2 gas production that adds to the springiness of texture.

  • Beer Pairing: Wild-fermented sour ales or Belgian ales
  • Wine Pairing: Grenache, Riesling
  • Food Application: On a Monte Christo or Reuben sandwich. Kimchi. Pickled Vegetables.