Smoked Kentucky Bleu Cheese (3 - 7 oz pieces)


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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Smoked Kentucky Bleu Cheese crafted at Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in southern Kentucky is the result of a "just for fun" experiment. Smoked Kentucky Bleu is an applewood smoked version of their fan favorite, Kentucky Bleu. The sweetness of the applewood comes across effectively, and mixed with the added cream of this cheese, it creates a dessert like profile. There is an added step to getting the smoke to happen, so it ain't cheap... but those who have experienced it keep coming back for more! 

Each item includes three 7 oz packages of Smoked Kentucky Bleu Cheese shipped via free two day shipping from Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese in Kentucky. 

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  • Wine Pairing: Riesling or bolder red wines
  • Beer Pairing: Porters and Stouts- Rauchbier
  • Food Pairing: Drizzle with Honey and serve with toasted or smoked almonds
  • Spirit Pairing: Peaty and High Rye Whiskeys