A Taste of Kentucky Farmstead Cheese Sampler


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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All FIVE of the cheeses in this A Taste of Kentucky Farmstead Cheese Sampler have a special meaning to the team at Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese and that is why they are named them after their home state of Kentucky! Kenny Mattingly creates these signature artisanal cheeses in the Dry Fork area of Barren County. 

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A Taste of Kentucky Includes: 

    • 1 - Kentucky Rose
      • This has become somewhat of a flagship for Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese, and rightly so because it was named for Mary Rose Mattingly, their original cheese-maker, marketer, farmers market minivan to Louisville schlepper, and inspiration on many long hard, earlier days when it was difficult to soldier on with duties on the farm and in the creamery. Her constant reminder- that the business is about People and Relationships - has become one of their guiding principles. Kentucky Rose is many things, but at its core it is a very simple gently pressed farmhouse-style cheese with a tiny kiss of roquefort, just to give it a floral and earthy note on the rind. Added cream creates a level of decadence that carries the experience from start to finish, but somehow amid all of the that buttery goodness this cheese remains light and airy. The briny finish is longer than you expect. There is nothing to compare it to, like Mary Rose, she is truly one of a kind!

      • Wine Pairing: Wines you would pair with raw oysters
        Spirit Pairing: Wheated Bourbon
        Beer Pairing: Wheat beers and Farmhouse Ales
        Food Pairing: Raw Oysters

    • 1 - Kentucky Bleu
      • Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese makes a small handful of bleu cheeses. Kentucky Bleu is the most decadent, with added cream and a loose pressing to allow all of that amazing sweet and salty roquefort blue do its thing. Why do they wax it? Well….partly it is an homage to the Bluegrass, that iron-rich turf that makes the state of Kentucky a famous place to raise the fastest horses money can buy. Others would speculate that it has something to do with a certain celebrated local tradition of basketball. One thing we do know is that the wax has an effect on the cheese as it ages to keep things really nice and creamy. You will know it when you taste it. If you are a lover of blue cheeses and generally gravitate to the funkiest thing in the room, this is your cheese!

      • Wine Pairing: Buttery Reds
        Spirit Pairing: Barrel-proof bourbons
        Beer pairing: Belgian tripels and sour ales
        Food Pairing: Milk Chocolate and Strawberries

    • 1 - Barren County Bleu
      • Barren County Bleu is named for the county where Kenny farms and makes cheese, and this blue carries the essence of their farm very effectively. Its cheddar base makes for a resilient and optimal cave-aging cheese, which they do for a minimum of 5 months. The rind is larded, an old world technique to keep the rind from cracking and keep a good moisture balance while the cheese ages. The result is an incredibly flavorful but accessible bleu, with fruity cheddar notes as well as mushroom and forest floor. A slightly crystalline texture adds to the experience, finishing with a fudge-like depth.

      • Wine Pairing: Reds with a good amount of minerality
        Beer Pairing: Dry-hopped IPA’s
        Food Pairing: Dark Chocolate (Ice cream included), berries

    • 1 - Dry Fork Reserve
      • Named for one of the communities adjacent to Kenny's dairy farm – Dry Fork Reserve is an alpine-style cheese modeled after the Italian tradition.  Made with their own raw cows milk and aged a minimum of 14 months, it has a unique complexity of buttery and salty elements that make it a savory accompaniment to many a dish.  It is extremely versatile in texture, grateable yet still sliceable. It will bring a salty umami element to a salad, or provide the perfect accompaniment to charcuterie. We use it as a workhorse in our own kitchen and many chefs and home-customers have done the like.   The open is extremely fruity with a long buttery and savory middle.  The finish is equal parts berry fruits and sea salt that will leave you salivating.

      • Cider: Barrel Aged Ciders
        Beer Pairing: Italian Pilsner
        Wine Pairing; Chianti or Rioja
        Food application: Bake into bread or scones, grate over salads or to finish pasta.

    • 1 - Kentucky Moon
      • Kentucky Moon is a standout. The first thing people notice is the unique sweetness, balanced by some traditional alpine notes of milky hazelnut and a good amount of acidity. A classic choice for fondue, especially when combined with another of Kenny's alpine selections, Norwood. A point of departure for comparison could be Jarlsberg, but Kentucky Moon has more of a rugged texture, often carrying a desired crystalized crunch. The holes, or “eyes” are a result of a controlled amount of CO2 gas production that adds to the springiness of texture.
      • Beer Pairing: Wild-fermented sour ales or Belgian ales
      • Wine Pairing: Grenache, Riesling
      • Food Application: On a Monte Christo or Reuben sandwich. Kimchi. Pickled Vegetables.