Prime Bison Variety Box (15 lbs)

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Central Nebraska Buffalo

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This Bison Variety Box includes 15 pounds of Prime, non-steroid, non-growth hormone 100% bison meat (no fillers) shipped directly from Central Nebraska Buffalo, a family owned and operated farm via free two-day shipping.  

Each order will include 9 lbs Ground Prime Bison in single pound packages, 5 lbs Prime Bison Patties (15 total bison burgers) and 1 (8oz) Prime Bison Skirt Steak. 

We've tried a LOT of burgers, from a lot of farms. This bison is head and shoulders above anything we've ever had. The steaks literally cut with a fork (cooked medium rare), and the burgers are as juicy and beefy as you could imagine. These are from PRIME graded stock, and that makes ALL the difference. You've never had bison until you've had prime bison shipped direct from the farm. 

Why bison over other red meats? Bison is a meat perfect for today's health-conscious consumers. The rich, sweet flavor betrays the fact that this meat is so lean and virtually fat-free with less calories and cholesterol than beef, chicken, pork and turkey.