About Us

Had it up to HERE with grocery store drama? 

We are totally with you on that.

We’re Marianna and Andy Chapman, and since 2012 we’ve been operating a company called EATYALL that connects the very best American food farms with chefs who are looking for better ingredients. Award-winning and acclaimed chefs around the country (and globe) trust EATYALL to help them thoughtfully source the best ingredients for their restaurants. 

Andy and Marianna Chapman

When Covid-19 forced restaurant closures, our phones wouldn’t stop buzzing with what quickly became America’s question: “Where can I buy safe, healthy food delivered to my door?”

I bet you’ve considered buying directly from farmers. Maybe you’re a staunch supporter of your local farmers market - and we encourage you to continue that support! But when the groceries you seek aren’t available locally, we invite you to shop with family farms here on our online marketplace. 

The reality is that seafood isn’t caught fresh from the waters of Oklahoma, and rice doesn’t grow in New York. As a farmers’ kid myself, I can assure you that there are family farms growing the ingredients you need. They’d value nothing more than the privilege of being entrusted to help feed you and your family - and the opportunity to ship their products directly to your door, so you can experience the very best quality they have to offer without any risk of degradation from added middlemen. 

Over time—and not very much time—buying groceries directly from American family farms and food producers will actually save you money, while ensuring you have safe, nutrient dense food options. 

Find Family Farms is your one-stop-shop to buy high quality, safe ingredients touched by fewer human hands. You will find transparency in every product and know that we’ve verified every product on the site. Every product is shipped directly from the farm or artisan food maker, the truest definition of farm-to-table. 

New products are added regularly and shipping is always free. Just one more way Find Family Farms is looking out for you with trust and transparency.