Grass Fed Ground Beef Box (15 lb)

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Bachman Family Farms

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Grass Fed Ground Beef Box from Bachman Family Farms is sourced from whole muscle trim and contains no fillers or added ingredients. This ground beef is full of juicy flavor and is ready to be used in all of your favorite recipes. There is a delicious taste of Oklahoma in every bite. 

These patties are perfect for grilling. Pat the meat dry, season, and grill.

Bachman Family Farms ground beef is:

  • Dry Aged for 21 days

  • Custom butchered individually to their specifications

  • 100% Grass-Fed and 100% Grass-Finished

  • Pasture Raised

  • 100% Antibiotic-free

  • Free of any kind of growth hormones or any added hormones

  • Delivered from the Farm to Your Front Door


  • 10 lb Ground Beef

  • 5 lbs Ground Beef Patties (1/3 lb each)

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