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The founders of EATYALL created Sugar Taylor Sauce for their own pulled pork after being disappointed in bottled sauces. Now, Sugar Taylor Sauce is a huge hit and is a great sauce for pork, chicken, ribs and even glazing a holiday ham. Folks use it as a dipping sauce, a marinade, baste, and even use as a salad dressing.

This bundle contains 3 bottles of Sugar Taylor Sauce with 2 bottles of June Bugg Rub, another great product from EATYALL. June Bugg Rub has no preservatives or anti-caking additives, just a great blend of spices with a touch of coffee for a rich balanced flavor. June Bugg Rub is the perfect partner for Sugar Taylor Sauce. This pair is so universal, you will never need another sauce or rub for your pantry!

Watch a video on beef ribs with these products here

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