Fromage Blanc (3 - 7 oz tubs)


Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

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The Fromage Blanc spreadable cheese from Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese is one of our favorites! Each order includes three of their 7 oz tubs.

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When Kenny's spread their Fromage Blanc on top of chocolate chip cookies at one of their first annual Christmas Parties, they realized just how versatile this yogurt like fresh cheese is. It has been so popular with their restaurant accounts that they have decided to offer it to retail customers, too! They often sell it as “the best cream cheese under the sun" at local farmer's markets. 

What sets the Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese Fromage Blanc apart from other spreadable cheeses is that it is made with whole milk. Others on the market are skimmed and lose depth in the process. Enjoy it as an ingredient and a spreadable delight! 

  • Beer Pairing: Belgian Sours
  • Food Application: Substitute for Ricotta or Marscapone in recipes. Also, use it atop sweet baked things like cookies or brownies for a “reverse icing” effect.