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Each order will include a Delaware Fireball, Dodge City Salame, Stagberry Salame, Gin & Juice Salame, Rust Belt Saucisson and Salame Piccante. All will wow your tastebuds and leave you coming back for more! You've not had charcuterie until you've enjoyed Smoking Goose Charcuterie. 



  • 1 - Delaware Fireball (5 oz) -  crepinette salame of pork with red chilies and espelette pepper wrapped by hand in caul fat and cold-smoked for days in our gravity-fed smoker before fermentation and aging, about 5oz each
    • Serving Suggestions:
      • Easy to slice by hand with a chef’s knife, this crepinette (round and encased) salame adds spice to charcuterie boards.
      • Highlight the smoke and balance the spiciness with dried figs or preserved peaches.
      • Riff on buffalo wings by serving a slice of Delaware Fireball topped with a dollop of romesco or pimento sauce and a chunk of blue cheese.
  • 1 - Dodge City Salame (6 oz) -  pork salame of fennel pollen and pink peppercorns
    • Serving Suggestions:
      • Slice thinly and top with dressed pea shoots for a simple first course.
      • Skewer cubes for cocktail garnishes.
      • Layer slices on charcuterie boards.
  • 1 - Stagberry Salame (8 oz) -  elk + a little pork for texture with dried blueberries macerated under New Day craft's dry mead
    • Serving Suggestions: 
      • Stash in your backpack for hiking, camping, hunting, or picnicking.
      • When you get back to the cabin, pour a full-bodied red wine to sip between slices.
  • 1 - Gin & Juice Salame (8 oz) -  lamb + a little of pork for texture with crushed juniper berries and orange peel
    • Serving Suggestions:
      • Skewer a cube as a cocktail garnish or Bloody Mary sidebar.
      • Thin slices bring a new protein and standout flavor to traditional charcuterie boards.
  • 1 - Rust Belt Saucisson (6 oz) - Pork garlic, lemon peel, nutmeg, and cold-smoked
    • Serving Suggestions:
      • Pairs perfectly with a cheese board
      • Toss in your bag for a trip camping, tailgating, or camping
  • 1 - Salame Piccante (1.5 lb) -  Pork with Tutto Calabria chili, pimentÓn de la vera, garlic, anise seed, red wine
    • Serving Suggestions:
      • Pair with aged cow's milk cheeses and creamy blue cheeses, top pizza, garnish a bloody mary.