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Stop Worrying About the Safety & Nutrition of Your Food.

It’s tough to know what’s truly safe and nutritious in the grocery aisles these days. Who was the farmer? How did the food get to the store? How many people have touched it along the way? Was it stored properly? How much flavor and shelf life were lost along the way? 

Our food choices have consequences for our bodies and our budgets. It shouldn’t be so difficult to make good choices when it comes to food!

Find Family Farms is helping customers across the U.S. gain confidence and save time and money by having their food shipped directly from top notch American family farms that we’ve vetted and know by name.

Quit worrying about food. Order farm fresh food today.


Farm Fresh Food Delivered to Your Door.

Safe & Nutritious Food Shipped FREE Straight from the Farm.

We Know Every Farmer by Name.

We get it. We want only the best for our family, and we know you do, too.

We're Marianna and Andy Chapman, and since 2012 we’ve operated a company called EATYALL that connects the best American food farms with chefs who are looking for better ingredients. Award-winning, acclaimed chefs around the country trust us to help them thoughtfully source the best ingredients for their restaurants, and now, you can, too. 

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It’s (Pork) Shoulder Season
It’s (Pork) Shoulder Season

I've learned that the pork shoulder is nearly indestructible. And a well-smoked pork shoulder is God’s gift to the tastebuds, so let's learn HOW to make the perfect pork shoulder or Boston butt on your outdoor smoker.

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It's Hard to Beat Georgia Grinders.
It's Hard to Beat Georgia Grinders.

Peanut butter has been a staple in most American households for nearly a hundred years. We grew up in the days when food was all about convenience. Frozen foods and packaged meal kits with powdered flavoring reigned supreme. We didn’t read label ingredients and words like “hydrogenated” and “GMO” meant...

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